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Church of the King Message: Culture Shift

Culture Shift

The Dream

You don't have to look far to see that the world around us is changing... rapidly. Culture is shifting. From the changing of long-held principles of culture, to the skirmishes in Eastern Europe, to the gut-wrenching battles in the Middle East—we have never seen days like these. The question is, as a Christian, how do we flourish in a culture that has shifted? That was Daniel's challenge! Not only is a cultural shift happening in the here and now, Scripture is clear that there is another massive Culture Shift upon us – the End Times. As a pastor, I feel the responsibility to help prepare you for the unprecedented shifts that are currently taking place and coming in the near future. Join me for a six-week series, entitled Culture Shift, on the Old Testament book of Daniel, starting this weekend. Invite your friends and family and learn how you can stand firm amidst a Culture Shift.

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